This is a direct open letter to your little geek heart. First of all, we want to congratulate you for your/our day, because we are also geeks!!! Basically, we want to write to tell you that in El Ingenio you will feel at home. We have to confess that Jaume Sisa says: “My house is home, if there are anybody’s houses”, and we are very eager to meet you. From the most giant lover people for their big-headed, miniatures in rubber to the most collectors, those of Disney, those of toy of tinplate, those of the heavy jokes. We want to know everyone!

– “Come in, please!” In our house there is a world of illusion, magic, circus, imagination, toys for adults and children, masks of all kinds. We also have ducklings of different sizes, wooden games, board games, puppets, stuffed animals. “What else can we offer you?” Balloons decoration, mirrors to see who is the most beautiful of the house, costumes, devil’s cape. In short, original gifts for everyone!

And how can we meet? We have 3 options! The best way, the prettiest, the most special, is to visit our shop in Rauric Street, 6 in heart of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. We love the direct treatment, the you to you, you guys explaining things to us, or just come to say hello and buy a little present for someone special. For those who are further away we have social networks, where we can have a more fluid relationship. We can explain stories, we can post posts, explain the news. And finally, we have the website!

And what about the website? That little by little we will fill it with illusion, with gifts, with ideas. That you can you buy in our online store with card, with Paypal. That you can know our history, and you may know us through our blog. See if we have options to know each other and be close.

When and where do we see ourselves?

From geek to geek with all our heart.