El Ingenio, show must go on

Dear and beloved:

It gives us special enthusiasm to announce that we are back, that we do not leave, that we do not leave from the neighborhood. That El Ingenio has returned to stay!


 El Ingenio, a store with more than 180 years of history in the city of Barcelona revives, and does it with a giant force. It is so difficult for us to explain it in words that we have decided to make an opening party so that you see it with your own eyes and live it in the first person, so that you explain it and disclose it to everyone you know. On Saturday, February 9th, we inaugurate El Ingenio with a great feast and a great feast in the streets of the Gothic Quarter, the neighborhood that saw this temple of imagery and popular celebration.


The event will begin at the Teatre del Liceu at 5:30 pm with a parade by KAMERINO DE L’ENGINY, a cultural association created to disseminate, conserve and restore the museum’s collection of El Ingenio. The activity is programmed within the acts of the Fest of Santa Eulàlia, with the collaboration of Comediants.

A great theater parade of masks, big-headed, giants and festive elements linked to the artistic career of the establishment of the last 20th century will begin, with the desire to share it with the people in a free and spontaneous way, celebrating the welcome reopening from El Ingenio to the city.


What else can we explain? That El Ingenio has changed but keeps the essence of always: nods, giants, jokes, magic, toys, illusion, dreams, childhood, imagination, fantasy. The changes? A wider store entrance to invite you to enter, a new lighting and decoration and a great desire to reopen the workshop to show the kitchen of dreams. A new web page and presence on social networks. El Ingenio, where many and many giants have been born in Catalonia and everywhere. Wherever a world of imagination and fantasy has no breakthrough. Where we will receive you with your arms wide open. Actually, to make dreams come true is not easy, not at all. Do you help us to make it come true?


We can’t wait to see you!!!