The year, little by little it is coming to an end. Now it is one of those moments where we started looking back to make a balance of the crop that has given us the vintage. Every year has good and not so good things. This year we are proud to be able to give very good news for Ciutat Vella, Barcelona and the whole world: El Ingenio has returned, and we have come back to stay!


El Ingenio reappears with renewed illusions, the essence of always, and a great desire to make money in order to perpetuate the dream of reopening an emblematic shop in Barcelona in the midst of globalization and galloping gentrification.


And who are the protagonists of the story of the new Ingenio? In the front there is Lluís Sala, the crazy man who wanted to recover this dreams factory in 1838. Núria Gironès, the most diligent star-fan ever to have had the city that has redesigned the showcases, expanded the entrance of the store and gave much more light to resume the flight of this sanctuary of the popular Catalan culture. After the counters we have in Joan Pozo, the store manager, and as his name suggests, a well of wisdom of popular culture. Ask him anything, and he will explain to you. Anaïs Estrada, did not want her in Disneyland for the role of Snow White, was already caught, but she will attend with a unique smile and joy, such as this store that has given fun, magic and tradition to children and adults for so many years. Joan carries out the numbers and Xavier the warehouse boxes, and a server, Joan Figueras, will try to put his sand granite on the networks in text and image. We have a lot of work to do, but in illusion nobody win us.


“The challenge is to look to the future, but always going through the hand of the past,” that is how Joan Pozo defines the objective of El Ingenio after opening doors last November, since “the store that loses its roots loses its identity “, adds Pozo.

El Ingenio is not just a nineteenth-century store that sells toys, but it is emblematic because here has been the festive image of many towns in Catalonia and Spain, it is a store that has created a school,” says the best-known manager and well dressed in Barcelona. And what else do you tell us Joan?

“Well, before the store maintained the store and now the store will maintain the workshop.” The idea is to reopen the workshop to retrieve large-sized molds, do activities, workshops for big and small, even to make El Ingenio a museum store. My goodness, how many things to do!!!


El Ingenio is a store that crosses borders, as the great poet Joan Brossa said: “El Ingenio is a living poem”. The point is that we want to continue transporting ourselves to real and imaginary worlds for many more years. The truth is that we have many challenges and illusions to fulfill. Come on board?


Welcome to the new El Ingenio, since 1838, dreams, magic and enthusiasm.