Today is a day that should not be celebrated, which does not mean that we do not have to manifest or revendicate it. The fact that we celebrate International Women’s Day is because we have a lot of work to do, many things to change and many goals to achieve. And not only for women, but for the sake of a more egalitarian, just and healthy society.


From El Ingenio we want to add our support to this 8M to make visible all the anomalies, discriminations, humiliations, glass ceilings and so on that women suffer simply because they are so. From El Ingenio we rise up against the injustices of gender, against the discrimination suffered by women, for equal opportunities and wages. For a better society!


That is why today we are especially excited to hear the voice of one of the female souls of El Ingenio, Anaïs Estrada. One of the referents of the most charming saleswoman of Ciutat Vella is the philosopher, writer and feminist activist Simon de Beauvoir. “I think she lived in a world of men and fought to reverse the discrimination of women, she was a woman who rebelled against the macho imposition of society, a woman committed to her time,” Anaïs remarks.


Going a little further on gender issues, I ask you why you think we celebrate this day. She decided to answer me: “Women want to have the same rights as men”, without half measures. And how can we all contribute together to make this change? – “I think we all have to be more empathetic to change the situation of women; we have to really want to do it, without real will you cannot change anything”, rather. And men, I asked her, what role do men play on this chessboard? – “Man must reeducate, it is very difficult to change the situation of women from one day to the next, but we have to do it from education”, totally agree, I said


“Me from El Ingenio try to do my bit for gender equality, we try not to sell sexist toys, the blue is not a child’s color and the girl’s pink” says this saleswoman with film studies, and adds that “if they ask me about a toy for a boy or a girl, I try not to fall into the clichés of princes and princesses”. And it is that as Anaïs says, one must have ingenuity to change things!


“Art is communication and I believe that from any artistic expression many things can be changed, it is a very powerful mode of expression”, and that is that Anaïs before working at El Ingenio has worked as a set designer in the world of advertising. “As a woman I feel very comfortable working at El Ingenio because I can be me and nobody discriminates me for being a woman and working where I work,” she adds.


From El Ingenio we believe in the importance of everyone to make possible a change of paradigm, a change of society that lies in education, in the transmission of values ​​of equality and that is why today we say: No is No, that we have 1,000 reasons to rebel, and especially because every day and from very small age we water the plant of equality for everyone, we can be happier and have a stronger, sweeter and more just society.

Health, ingenuity and equality!