Legend says that every year for Sant Jordi’s Day, apart from that “in a very distant village an evil dragon frightened a whole kingdom and that to face …”, we have to give a rose to our lovers and we should receive a book. On the other hand, luckily this has already changed and our women already receive a book and a rose, thank goodness! Anyway, although we like the traditions very much, it never hurts to renew, innovate, be original and so on and so forth.


This year it would seem apart from giving a book and a rose as a sign of our love to our people, give a book in the form of a box of music, so that our hearts do not stop vibrating for a moment based on crank and imagination.

From El Ingenio we want to give you original and different ideas so this year we propose to give you something more than a book and a rose, this year give your beloved one son or daughter, the little book of …


Are you movie buffs? How about Amelie’s ditty? Does the Godfather tune you? Or are you more of Star Wars or Game of Thrones? Do your children love Histories and Catalan culture? What do you think of Patufet melody? Or the song by Joan Petit or the Lluna i la Pruna? Or for example the classic Qualsevol Nit pot sortir the Sol of Jaume Sisa? If iyou are more of Beatles or John Lennon guy do not worry, we suggest the Yellow Submarine or Imagine.


As you can see, we have music for all tastes, big and small, romantic or fantastic. You just have to take a look at our website or come in person on Rauric Street, 6 in the Gothic Quarter, next to Ferran Street. So that nobody can say that you always do the same gift and you are boring to death.


Have you already chosen your music?